Call the helpline on 01 284 8484

About Us

The Consult a Colleague Helpline is available to confidentially assist every member of the Profession nationwide with any problem whether personal or professional free of charge.The volunteers on the panel who provide the service are all solicitors of considerable experience. Each solicitor is rostered and two solicitors are on call at all times. Whoever calls the helpine (01 284 84 84) will hear a recorded message giving the contact details of those on call. Callers can remain anonymous through out. If you have a professional or personal issue or a difficult scernario requiring a second opinion, the Consult a Colleague Helpline is there to help you.

  •  The running of a practice
  • Finance and accounts
  • Staff and HR Issues
  • Legal Situations
  • Compliance Issues

Personal Issues could relate to

  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Inability to cope with work
  • Associated stress and depression.

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